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Venice Art Tours' Eric Bagan has been designated one of the world's leading tour guides in the pages of Departures magazine.

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Throughout history, Venice's cautious foreign policy, favoring peace where possible, earned her the name of Serenissima, the “most serene.” Despite the crowds that these days clog the thoroughfares, that serenity can still be captured when you hire Eric Bagan, who remains the city's only independent, native English-speaking guide. Eric absorbs you in the pleasures of the city while sparing you its hassles.



"We had a spectacular private guide whose itinerary was far in excess of anything we could have devised with the help of the most comprehensive guide books and our previous experience in Venice. We learned secrets, saw sights, heard stories: all unique and amazing adventures new to us. We can't wait to go back and engage Eric Bagan to further expose us to the magic of Venice."

—R.H., Savannah